Paper plates are great when you don’t want to bother with cleaning up after a meal, but they also have some alternative uses.  They can be used as teaching tools or aids to creativity with children.  Not only can you use paper plates to serve your kids’ meals but you can also use them to have fun while teaching.  Here are a few cool, crafty things you can do with paper plates:

Paper Plates to Learn the Alphabet and Numbers

People often use index cards to teach the alphabet or numbers to kids.  However, index cards are boring and make the kids feel like they’re doing serious work.  Instead, if you write the letters and numbers on colorful paper plates, the lesson turns into a game.  The visual appeal of colorful or printed paper plates makes learning fun.  To teach the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, write them all down on separate paper plates and then mix them up so that the kids can match them.


Paper Plates for Painting

Paper plates can also be used to paint on and as makeshift palettes to keep the paints and brushes on.  The flutes at the edges of paper plates are especially fun to fill in and can teach your child to stay within the lines.  You can even teach a child to express emotion by drawing emotion faces—smiley faces or frowning faces—on paper plates.

Paper Plates for Crafts

There are a number of crafts projects that kids can do with paper plates.  You can teach them to make a clock face out of one.  This serves the dual purpose of being fun and teaching a child to read the time.  Paper plates are just the right size to make masks.  Punch a hole on either side and put a ribbon through it so that your kid can tie it around his/her face.  A paper plate cut in spirals makes a cool snake.

These are just a few possible things you can do with paper plates.  Encourage your child to come up with new ways to use them and you’ll have a great way to keep them occupied and entertained.


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