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Sylko and Twinsaver… A combination wrapped in success











SYLKO has been a proudly, South African manufacturer for more than 70 years, supplying the widest range and highest volume of quality disposable and recyclable household foils, paper and plastic tableware, food wraps and baking accessories to the retail market. The business is also the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of Woolworths gift bags, greeting cards and gift wraps.

Despite Sylko’s success, we recognised the considerable benefit of having a strategic partner that will help us navigate the increasingly challenging and exciting retail space; promoting mutual growth and success. What’s also great is the abundance of available data, the increased retailer footprint and reliance on technologically advanced systems, which contribute to the value that could be unlocked under TSG.

We certainly couldn’t have hoped for a better fit than TSG. Through our discussions around the negotiation table, our inclusion at the recent senior managers’ meeting and interactions with various teams, we have understood and experienced the capabilities that will be made available to Sylko. We are delighted to join such a great team and look forward to a positive, productive and exciting relationship.

As we move forward, my ambition is to reaffirm Sylko’s position as category captain through innovation and an enhanced product offering, while improving retailer relationships and surpassing the expectation of consumers.