Yearly Archives: 2012

Sylko’s New Packaging

Sylko’s new packaging has been designed to make it easier to find our products on shelf. We have standardised the look and feel so that you able to identify a high quality Sylko product from a distance, and the product description and size has also been made bigger so that it is clear exactly what product you are buying.

During our packaging revamp, we have also added a few new features to make our products easier to use. For example, we have added an easy restart strip to our clingfilm, as well as die cut holes in the side of the carton to hold the roll in place.

You will notice that a honeycomb shape appears on all of our packaging, and is embossed on our foil.  A honeycomb is one of the strongest and most efficient structures known to man.This is a symbol of the strength of our products, as well as our drive to help you be more efficient in food preparation, storage, and presentation

Sylko makes your life easier

At Sylko, we try to innovate new ways of packaging our products. For example, we have added a special “restart” strip onto our clingwrap box, and have also added a “roll holder” in either side. The restart strip grabs the end of the clingwrap when you have finished tearing, making it easier to get off the roll the next time. The roll holders help to grip the roll as you are pulling the clingwrap off the roll.

Clingwrap UNPERF 30m Sylko